The Heart and the Mind

A mind can drive one crazy. Mind thinks of all the things wrong and all the things that needs to be done. Mind thinks of many things and makes a list. The mind weighs and measure how much something is worth and the mind sorts through all the information given. The mind plans ahead and […]

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Giving Ourselves Permission

Sometimes we forget to give ourselves permission to be successful and be the best we can be. Sometimes, we look to others especially our family for approval and for them to allow us to be great. Sometimes, their definition of greatness is different from our own definition.

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5th Day of Fasting

Today is my 5th day of fast, I am feeling pretty good and full of energy. The first 3 days were the hardest and I was so weak and tired. There were times where I was in bed and I felt so weak and fell asleep for hours. Now I feel much more energetic and […]

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The Word FAT

When I was a young child, I was told that being fat is bad. Being fat will make you ugly and unhealthy. I was so afraid of being fat that being fat is a taboo. I was so fearful of it that I became fat. 

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