The Word FAT

When I was a young child, I was told that being fat is bad. Being fat will make you ugly and unhealthy. I was so afraid of being fat that being fat is a taboo. I was so fearful of it that I became fat.  Advertisements

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Writing your fears

Who would have known how much fears I have accumulated the past years that could play a big part in my life. Fears are good and bad. Fears can help us reach our goals and ambitions. Fears can also bring us down and stop us from achieving our goals. It is important to balance fear.

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Decluttering My Fears

Sometimes, we don’t realize how much things we have. We just keep buying and buying and yet we end up having no money. These past months, I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck. I barely have any savings and can barely pay off my debt. I kept wondering why and how did this happen to me. […]

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Children of Migrants

Dear Governor of Georgia, I am writing to you in regards of the Migrant Children that are being held in Texas and around the United States. You are our governor and someone who I highly respect. Please help and reunite these children with their families. If there are any centers in Georgia that are housing […]

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